What we provide

Each guest is provided with a spacious double room with cosy bedding, towels, a desk for drawing or writing, 3 meals a day, unlimited fruit, and a yoga mat.

Boredom and downtime is absolutely encouraged. Take time to stop and focus on absolutely nothing, free from the everyday responsibilities that prevent us from listening to ourselves. While at first you may find this frustrating, eventually you will start to notice things around you (birdsong, the way the grass moves in the wind, how you feel in yourself) that you have become out of touch with. By listening to nothing, we are able to listen to ourselves.

Noddfa Dawel supports creative endeavour and has a selection of musical instruments for use including an upright piano, electric organ, xylophones, and a huge selection of percussion. Feel free to jam inside or out, exclusive of our quiet time between 9pm and 10am, making sure to respect the peace of other guests (when in doubt- ask!).
Art materials are freely available for those who wish to use them, along with a library of art and craft books. Why not use your time here to learn a new creative skill or reconnect with an old one?
Classic books are on offer for those of you who like to curl up in a chair with Dickens or Joyce.

For those who need a little extra support, we can put you in touch with an excellent local psychotherapist.