Our Charter

To prevent misunderstandings in expectations and the conflict that inevitably causes, Noddfa Dawel has a charter that we ask all guests to adhere to. The charter exists in the interests of creating a safe and comfortable space for both the guests and permanent residents of the project, and to help create for guests the environment they need to relax and grow. Upon arrival you will be asked to sign the charter, which consists of the following 9 points:

  1. I understand that Noddfa Dawel is a drug and alcohol free space, and I will not bring drugs or alcohol on site.
  2. I understand that I must respect others within the space, who may be on a different journey to me and have different needs.
  3. I understand that racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination will be not tolerated in the space.
  4. I understand that 9pm-10am are quiet hours and during this time I should not play music over a speaker, use musical instruments, or talk loudly in my rooms or the corridors.
  5. I understand that I must respect the space and its contents and not engage in destructive behaviour.
  6. I understand that this is a permanent residence for the crew and I will not disturb them in their private space except in the case of an emergency (medical, fire, flood).
  7. I understand that I am expected to clean up after myself including washing my dishes and leaving the toilets/bathrooms in a reasonable state.
  8. I understand that Noddfa Dawel operates in a similar manner to a hotel, is not a place of indefinite stay, and I will be expected to leave on my agreed date.
  9. I understand that failure to follow this charter will result in me being asked to leave Noddfa Dawel.

In addition, we strongly suggest that guests spend as much time as possible away from their mobile phones, and avoid “talking shop” while on retreat. It is only in freeing ourselves from the pressures and distractions of the outside world that we are able to reconnect with ourselves.