Our Philosophy

Before we can heal the world, we need to heal ourselves.

Across the UK and the wider world, countless people spend their lives making the world a better place; whether it’s activists blocking ecocide with their bodies, teachers doing their best to do right by the next generation, or front line healthcare staff working miracles with miniscule resources. More and more over the past few years we’ve seen good people give up their passion and fight because of compassion fatigue or burnout and we thought- “who heals the healers? Who fixes the fixers? How can we make change sustainable if everyone enacting that change is damaged by the process?”

Through providing space, quiet, and a break from responsibility, we hope to help people recharge, refocus, and heal. Our retreat space is surrounded by beautiful nature and is free from TV and Wifi, allowing a break from the overwhelming 24 hour news cycle and a chance to reconnect with both the natural world and the self.


Noddfa Dawel, which translates from Welsh to “Tranquil Retreat” was set up in 1988 by self-sufficient smallholders who saw a need for a residential healing space. The buildings originally hosted a pioneering free at the point of access drugs and alcohol rehabilitation project for many years before becoming a community housing project. Now under the wing of a former activist, we hope to once again become a place of healing.

Sustainability Commitment

Recognising the impact that human activity has on our planet, we have in place a strong commitment to sustainability and wherever possible follow the 5 Rs:
Recycle (as a last resort)

Unlike a conventional hotel, bedding is changed only after each guest (and once a week for guests on retreat for longer than a week), is laundered with eco-friendly washing products, and when permitted by the Welsh weather is dried al fresco. We take food waste seriously, planning menus in advance to avoid spoilage. Any edible food waste is passed on to our neighbour’s chickens, while peelings end up on our compost heap.

If you see a way we can do better in our commitment to sustainability- please bring it up during your stay.